Do your employees have job descriptions, defined responsibilities and clear objectives?
Are these reviewed regularly? Is anyone causing you concern or under-performing?
If you have to tackle issues with your employees you need be sure your policies entitle you to do so.

Many Companies do not realise the importance of their HR policies and Employee Handbook until they need to rely on them. Some are poorly drafted and may even contractually bind you to onerous processes which are costly and prevent you from dealing with employee issues.

As these are the documents that will be relied upon and tested by the Employment Tribunal should you ever find yourself defending a claim, it is imperative that they are right for your business. If your Company rules and policies are ambiguous, unclear or inconsistent, how can you expect your staff to understand and follow them?

Many contracts of employment we see do not contain the correct provisions in relation to holidays. With much case law in this area, it is vital the wording is accurate, particularly in relation to carry over of leave, commission etc. For a fixed fee, we offer a full audit of your existing HR documentation where any areas for improvement will be identified. Following our recommendations, these documents will be updated ensuring your Company is fully compliant. We also offer fixed fees for drafting your contracts of employment, handbooks and policies, ensuring they are aligned to your Company and sector specific where appropriate.

In addition to your existing statutory obligation in relation to your HR documentation, there are changes coming into effect in April 2020 which we can assist you with. Some of these are listed below;

April 2020 changes

It will no longer just be employees who are entitled to receive a written document setting out their basic terms, but also the right will be extended to workers too. This is a new entitlement that should bring clarity for many workers regarding their contractual terms.

Employers currently have two months in which to provide the written particulars to their employees but this will change to become a “day-one” right. This will ensure that both parties are clear about the main contractual terms from the outset of the relationship.

Further, additional details will need to be included in the documentation, such as details of any paid leave (like maternity or paternity leave), the duration and conditions of any probationary period and information about entitlements to any benefits.

Employment businesses will be required to provide every agency worker with a document known as a “key facts page”. This will need to include certain details, such as the type of contract they are employed under, the minimum rate of pay they will receive and details of any fees that might be taken.

This will help agency workers better understand their basic terms, which can be especially difficult where intermediary umbrella companies are involved.

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    Restrictive Covenants

    If an important employee leaves your business, do you have the appropriate restrictive covenants in place to provide the necessary protection for your business?

    Disciplinary and grievance procedures

    Are your staff aware of the procedures and do they understand the importance of them?

    Discrimination claims

    Do you provide adequate training for your staff in order to go someway in protecting your business against these type of claims?

    Employment contracts, policies and procedures

    Contracts of employment are a legal requirement. To put it simply, if you don’t have them, your business is at risk.

    Flexible working and family friendly rights at work

    Can anyone request flexible working?  Do you know what your responsibilities are as an employer?

    GDPR and data protection

    Are your HR documents GDPR compliant?

    Terminations and settlement agreements

    Assisting you with ending the employment relationship in the most commercial way.

    Transactions, redundancies, restructurings and outsourcing

    All areas we can help with which often become complex.