With Employment Tribunal fees now abolished, the number of claims against employers is on the rise.

Employment Tribunals are stressful and very time consuming.  Should you find your Company requiring support in defending a claim, below is a list of some of the areas we can help you with.  After all, the preparatory work required is an unwelcome distraction from what you need to do – focussing on the running of your Company;

  • Drafting and filing your defence;
  • Disclosure
  • Bundle preparation
  • Counter schedule of loss
  • Dealing with the Claimant’s representative
  • Dealing with the Early Conciliation process with ACAS

We will establish the facts of the case and assess the merits of the claim so that you understand, from the outset, the likely costs involved, together with the prospects of success.

We provide the expert advice that you need in order to make an informed decision on how to achieve the best outcome for your business.

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    Restrictive Covenants

    If an important employee leaves your business, do you have the appropriate restrictive covenants in place to provide the necessary protection for your business?

    Disciplinary and grievance procedures

    Are your staff aware of the procedures and do they understand the importance of them?

    Discrimination claims

    Do you provide adequate training for your staff in order to go someway in protecting your business against these type of claims?

    Employment contracts, policies and procedures

    Contracts of employment are a legal requirement. To put it simply, if you don’t have them, your business is at risk.

    Flexible working and family friendly rights at work

    Can anyone request flexible working?  Do you know what your responsibilities are as an employer?

    GDPR and data protection

    Are your HR documents GDPR compliant?

    Terminations and settlement agreements

    Assisting you with ending the employment relationship in the most commercial way.

    Transactions, redundancies, restructurings and outsourcing

    All areas we can help with which often become complex.